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Monday, October 26 2015

Do you find yourself having difficulty managing your time?  The “Power of 5” is a handy tool that sounds so simple you may first scoff at its worth.   I encourage you to reconsider!  Ask yourself, “What could I do in five minutes?”  The power of five minutes can help you focus your energy on a single task.  Instead of scattering your thoughts in the practice of multi-tasking, choose one task that can be completed in five minutes.  You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in that amount of time!  There are probably many times in which you spend more time thinking about why you cannot get something done in that short time, than it would take you to actually do the task.  

What could you do?  Choose something that you have been meaning to check off your list:  make a quick business call, write a thank you note, answer an email or two, file some paperwork, or organize a drawer.  With clear intent and laser focus, you can do this.  Decide, then act.  Stake your claim for the “Power of 5” and try it daily for a week.  It might just become your favorite new time-management tool!

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