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Friday, December 04 2015


It has been a busy week, and I promised myself that I would walk this morning and spend some time in nature.  One of the things I love about my desert home is having wonderful walking weather almost all year round.  As I walk through my neighborhood, I notice that I am surrounded by the silhouettes of mountainscapes.  Like guardians, they watch and beckon me to see things from a different perspective, to interpret my life from higher ground.  They are a good reminder to me to raise my vision and see life from a higher perspective!

I am on a vision-driven path, living my dreams in a life I love!  I have clearly written my vision and clarified my dreams and stepped into that vision.  I am discovering a fuller, more expanded version of myself and becoming able to embrace that which I was meant to choose to live through my vision daily, and I pay attention to what is happening around me.  As I live from my vision, life truly becomes easier.  Decisions are made freely, based on “Does this serve my dream?”

As we are moving towards the holidays, and looking at a new year, you, too, can create and live a life you love!  Start asking yourself, “What would I love?  What would I love in terms of my health?  What would I love in the area of my relationships?  What would I love to do in the domain of my vocation or creativity?  What would I love to manifest with more time and money freedom?”  Give yourself the gift of time and write the answers to these questions in your personal Vision.

Most people spend more time planning a weekend get-away than they do planning a life that they would love.   Choose differently!  As long as you are breathing, you are creating a life.  Will that life be created by default or design?  You can choose to create a life that you would love

Write out your dream life in the present tense, bringing that energy to the moment.  “I am so happy and grateful that I…”  By stating your intentions in the present tense, you are giving a signal to the Universe that you are serious and the Universe will do everything in Its power to support, as long as you stay plugged into that energy.  Read your vision at least twice a day.  Notice what you are noticing.  Opportunities will begin to present themselves.  Ideas will come to you that further you on the path of your dreams.  People will come into your life and may say just the thing you needed to hear.  When opportunities, ideas and people present themselves to you, give thanks! Keep asking yourself empowering questions and keep on your vision-driven path!  Ask, “What action steps could I take with what I have right here and now?”   Listen for the still, small voice that answers.

As you begin to move confidently in the direction of your dreams, that which is unlike your dream will surface.  Fears, doubts, and worries about moving forward will try to thwart your efforts.  These fear paradigms come up in a variety ways through distraction, delay, dissuasion, or disaster!  When you realize that these paradigms (beliefs or habits of thinking) will try to grab your attention and knock you off your vision-driven path, you can better prepare yourself.  Keep asking empowering questions.  Answer those paradigms with, “You are right.  I don’t know how to do that, but I do know how to do this.  Today, I will take these three steps towards my dream!”  Step by step, you will build your dream-building muscles and have more confidence staring down your limiting beliefs and paradigms!

I invite you to step into your dreams and start living a vision-driven life.  First, write down your vison, in the present tense, using vivid details as you describe all four domains of your life:  health, relationships, vocation/creativity, and time-money freedom.  Second, read your vision at least twice a day.  Act “as if” you are living your dream right now.  Step into your dream.  Put it on!  Third, take daily action steps in the direction of your dream.  There are things that you do know how to do that serve your dream.  Do them!  Fourth, notice what you’re noticing.  Look for the opportunities that the Universe presents you through ideas, people, and serendipitous happenings!  Remember to be grateful for these opportunities.  The more gratitude you feel, the more possibilities the Universe will present to you!

Whether you live near mountains, water, forest, or desert, set your sights for the highest vision of your life, the highest expression of you!  Realize that you have your own special, unique talents, gifts, and treasures to give and that part of you has been waiting for you express that in all areas of your life.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Here’s to your vision-driven life, as you step into a life you love!  Claim the moment now and move in the direction of your dreams for 2016!

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