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Thursday, October 20 2016

Is there a dream you want to pursue, yet something holds you back?  Is there a calling that you’re resisting, because you’re not sure you’re up for the task?   Does self-doubt prevent you from playing bigger?  If you feel as though I’m describing you, treat yourself and read Playing Big:  Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead, by Tara Mohr.  October is National Book Month, and this book provides big impact!

Tara Mohr is a leadership coach with a passion for inspiring women to express their talents, ideas, and brilliance.  In her program, “Playing Big,” she encourages women to quiet their inner critics, find their true voices, and step into a more expanded version of themselves.  Her book presents powerful, practical steps and strategies that are easily applied.  Each chapter thoroughly explores the topic and provides journaling questions, as well as a summary page of the “Big Ideas.”  I highly recommend this book, as a good read to which you can continually return as a reference and guide.

Mohr draws you in as she shares personal vulnerabilities and experiences throughout her own journey.  Her compassion and insight will speak to your soul.  You will surely recognize yourself and women you know in the pages of this book, as she describes the stories of friends and clients.  She helps you remember who you are and why you are here:  to impact the world with the gifts and talents you were born to bring forth!  “I believe that future will be realized only when leadership is equally share by men and women,” Mohr writes, and she poses convincing reasons why women need to claim their places as leaders, entrepreneurs, and agents of change.   “In the minds of women around the globe lie the seeds of the solutions to climate change, poverty, violence, corporate corruption.  For me, in the end, the bottom line is this: In millions of communities, organizations, companies, and families, women know what needs to be done. Playing big is doing it.”    

Playing Big reminded me about my own reluctance to face my fears about stepping out into the world, not shrinking away with self-consciousness.  I could see myself in the stories of the other women, as they struggled with finding their voices and claiming their expertise.  I identified with the resistance of feeling “not ready” and the diminishing doubt that makes me question myself.  I am better for having read this book:  stronger, more confident, less critical.   I have found myself more willing to be uncomfortable in the interest of my business and personal growth.  I have taken leaps of faith in my business, even when I’m feeling the fear.  Yet the biggest gift I have received from incorporating “playing big” is the deepening of self-compassion.    

So, what is your definition of “playing big?”  May Mohr’s encouraging, empowering words be your impetus to share your vision with the world!   

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