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Thursday, February 14 2019
Let Love Lead the Way

Valentine’s Day is the day devoted to love - expressions and gifts of love, the celebration of love, and perhaps the longing for new love.  The heart is the symbol of love and often displayed on Valentine cards that are given and received on this day of love.

Science is finding more evidence that points to the heart as the seat of wisdom in the body, not the brain.  We have been taught that the brain is the ruling organ of the body, but without the heart pumping the blood of life throughout the body, the physical body ceases to live.  The heart takes life’s experiences, processes them, responds, then sends its findings to the brain for more processing. According to the research of the HeartMath Institute, your heart’s electromagnetic field is 60 times greater than that of your brain.  60 times greater!  I invite you to utilize that energy and explore the wisdom that comes from your heart, the seat of emotional wisdom. 

When was the last time you thought about your life purpose and dreams?  Your dreams and aspirations reside in the house of your heart.  This makes your heart the greatest authority of what is most dear to you.  You may be well aware of these dreams or they may be unrealized, neglected, or just plain forgotten.  Your dreams may be caught in the echo of the past, left voiceless and unsung.  Have you stopped to listen, lately? 

You can feel your dreams rising within you, a sensation that longs to be noticed.  It calls out for attention from a distant wisdom within you.  ACKNOWLEDGE that dream.  Make some time for quiet reflection and hear what is yearning to surface.

Your dream is born from love, a love that longs for expression in this world through you!  When you acknowledge your dream, you ACTIVATE IT; giving its voice context and meaning.  The dream is able to articulate how it is meant to work through you.  As you begin to ALLOW that dream a voice, it will begin to communicate in ways you understand. 

Your dream now has your permission to ignite the passion in your heart.  Through your love, you nurture your heart’s desire.  As you ALIGN with that dream, the energy of your desire will create more clarity of purpose and guide you in decisive directions.  The wisdom of your heart will encourage you to AMPLIFY the love energy with a feeling of expansive expectation.  Alignment and amplification work like a magnet, attracting ideas, opportunities, and possibilities to you.  The means to manifest your dream becomes obvious.  The energy grows beyond thoughts, beliefs and feelings into form.  

APPLY what you learn from this process and Let Love Lead the Way!  You are the Dream Maker!  Following these simple, though not necessarily easy steps to love your dream into being, you will know the power and wisdom of the heart! 


The wisdom of the heart will guide you in the direction of your dreams.  Listen to your heart and let love lead the way!

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Tuesday, February 05 2019
Familiar Vs. Success:  The Choice is Yours

Have you ever felt like this little fella?  Uncommitted?  Half-in, half-out?  Trying to make yourself comfortable while hanging out of the “in between?”


You’re not alone.  Many have been in that space of indecision while trying to figure out the next move.   


Maybe like Puxatony Phil, the famed Groundhog predictor of early spring or six more weeks of winter, you may have crawled completely out of your den of familiarity only to be scared back again by the shadow of the unknown.  There is much that beckons you to discover more about yourself and who you are meant to be in this world. 


It’s Life’s job to challenge you to play bigger and stretch you to do things you haven’t done before.  You’re being called to expand and grow as you learn and evolve.  As you have probably realized, this can bring up the shadow of self-doubt, fears, and a variety of disempowering self-talk.  


What if I don’t have what it takes to see this through? 

What might others say about me if I put myself out there? 

What if I fail or what if I succeed and can’t keep up?   


These and other worries can cause a quick retreat back into an artificial sense of security – the world of the familiar.  (It may not be great, but it’s what I know!)  So, how can you move out of that burrow you’ve come to know but no longer love? 


The Power of the Question.  It has been said that the quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of the answers you receive.  Consciously set aside some time for quiet reflection and begin asking yourself some questions about your course of action, your decision.


Why is this opportunity a great next step for me at this time? 

What are the benefits from taking this plan of action? 

What actions can I make towards this goal that make me feel safe and confident?


Journal your questions and answers.  LISTEN – not only to your answers but to your body when you ask the questions.  Your body will never lie to you, so tune in and notice how you feel.  Your gut instinct knows.  Do you feel expansive or contractive?  Does your gut tickle with the excitement of butterflies or clench in discomfort?  Does your heart pound faster with anxiety or open with a feeling of passion for something you know you’re being called to do? 


So…what happens if you get scared by the opportunity and retreat back to the “safety” of chances to draw you to those dreams.  There is no need to wallow in regret and the fear of missed opportunity.


You carry the Power of Decision within you at all times.  Claim that power and use it, realizing you already know the answers to the questions you seek.  Commit to action, crawl out of the familiar, and move towards a new level of success!

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