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Saturday, March 04 2017

When was the last time you treated yourself to a day filled with activities that you loved?  When did you last indulge yourself by scheduling an itinerary that made your heart sing?  Where would you go?  What would you do?  

In the busy-ness of Life, I have often put off what I would love, deferring to other people or the “must-do” lists, instead of giving myself permission to fully engage in a day for the love of me!  How about you?  Does this sound familiar?

You may have often been trained or taught that thinking about yourself or putting yourself first is selfish.  Let’s look at this differently.  When you give to yourself with self-care and listen to your heart, then you have more to give when you reconnect with others.  Loving yourself enough to give yourself a day – whether once a week, twice a month – can make a huge difference in elevating your attitude about life and other people.   

If you allowed yourself to be completely self-focused, would you be able to list the things that soothe your Soul and bring you joy?  Are you in touch with what brings you happiness and contentment?  You are uniquely qualified to nurture a relationship with yourself!  Take inventory of what activities you love to do.  Is it horseback riding, playing a sport, painting, or singing?  Is it surfing, sculpting, building, or playing with a child or animal?  Do you love to read and write or watch movies or concerts? 

Give yourself the space and time to get curious about what you love!  Use your memory.  Think back to childhood and what you loved to do.  Use your imagination, a tool whose power you intuitively used as a child.  Your imagination can help you access what delights you!  Is there something that you absolutely love doing that you haven’t done for a long time?  Explore that!  In what ways could you recapture the enthusiasm you felt when doing what you love?

You may be thinking, “This is all well and good, but I have obligations, schedules, a job!”  All the more reason that you need this gift of time and enjoy what you love. You need to be the recipient of some self-love!  Decide to give it a try!   You will be amazed at how grateful you feel by extending yourself some “Me-Time.” 

Let the word LOVE be your guide as you prepare.





Listen to your inner knowing.  You know what you love.  Observe how different activities make you feel – expansive or contractive?  Choose only activities that you love!  Validate your need to routinely enjoy your favorite activities.  Engage by scheduling, planning, and savoring your day.

For the love of you, what are you waiting for?

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