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Wednesday, September 26 2018

Hello, Creative Genius!  You love ideas and you are able to make mental transformations easily.  Your creative juices are constantly flowing and you easily see the possibilities that each idea presents!  You are driven by the creativity that comes from idea generation.  As a brilliant brainstormer, you can visualize unique ways to connect ideas.  Your imagination is one of your highly coveted gifts, as you use it often to create ideas, products, programs and more!  

Idea generation is your gift, and prioritizing and executing those ideas may be your nemesis!  The process of implementation may have many starts and stops for several reasons.  

  • You may get distracted by new ideas that grab your attention.
  • You may bounce around between ideas, instead of landing on one and seeing it through to completion.
  • You may become a servant to your ideas and resist letting go of ideas whose time is not NOW!

Continue to cultivate your creativity with 3 simple tools.

  1. Make time to REFLECT every day.  Be intentional about this time for yourself. In the busy-ness of daily life, you are pulled in many directions.  Distractions are part of life, so give your ideas a voice. 
  2. As you listen deeply, RECORD ideas.  Get them out of your head and into a journal.  This calms your nervous system because your ideas now have a safe place to land.
  3. REVEAL the ideas that are ready for implementation and develop a written plan and Timeline for execution.

Today, harness the power of your ideas as you cultivate the creativity within you! 

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