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Wednesday, September 26 2018

As the Performer, I have three words for you:   Delegate!  Delegate!  Delegate!  You will be the most successful when you surround yourself with people who thrive on detail work.  Details can become overwhelming for you.  Handing off the minutia frees you up to focus on where you shine:  the stage!

So, open your mind to adding more structure in your life, professionally and personally.  Push past the resistance you might feel about working in a more concrete manner.   Welcome a framework and invite the support that this system might lend you! 

Here are is the A-D Formula!

  1. Articulate the Picture of Your Plan – As a “Big Picture” person, mapping out your plan and placing it where you can see it often is important.  
  2. Balance Your Goals with Clear Intentions – Your plan should clearly connect your intentions to your goals.  SMART goals will help you cover all your bases:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Sensitive.
  3. Chunk Down the Day/Projects – Use time blocking and get those goals mapped out visibly.  Write deadlines that are on your calendar!  Important information goes on the calendar, so psychologically, that grabs your attention and keeps you organized.  Steps are less likely to fall through the cracks.
  4. Develop Your Leadership Skills – You love the crowd, and the crowd loves you.  You command attention easily.  Find a stage or create your own.  Hone your natural leadership ability and get in front of the masses!  

Begin NOW!   Organize what you have been avoiding so you can turn up the spotlight on your natural Perfomer talents!

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