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Wednesday, September 26 2018

Hello, Striver!  You have so many talents and ambitions, it’s hard to know where to begin!  Your high-energy nature leads you towards action.  You excel in many areas and possess an abundance of self-determination and drive.  You’re always on the go, willing to accept the next challenge, and courageously jump right into the next task or project.

You love to win but hate to fail.  This often creates an attachment to the outcome, pushing yourself to do way too much.  You may be left feeling stressed and overwhelmed, costing you your peace of mind.

At times you may find yourself comparing yourself with others.  This stems from a fear of how others see you, which can leave you feeling like you’re “never enough.”  That, in turn feeds into more self-driven behavior.  The ability to motivate yourself is wonderful, but check in on what compels you to action.  When you can truly celebrate the success of others, without feeling “less than,” yourself, you know you are coming from a place of wholeness.

Striver, you are a high achiever with the tenacity, perseverance and vision to achieve anything you desire.  You have the profit personality type that creates self-made individuals!   

The world is your oyster, Striver!  Begin to use your vast talents and fortitude to create the success that you desire, TODAY!

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