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Wednesday, September 26 2018

Striver, you have an innate drive to compete.  Use that strength of self-motivation to get in touch with your WHY.  Too often you are focused on the HOW and WHAT instead of allowing the reasons why you do what you do to lead the way.  When your WHY is clear, remind yourself of that WHY each and every day through:

  • Goal setting
  • Journaling
  • Vision Board
  • To-Do List Writing
  • Sticky note messages
  • Voice Memos.

Then, have some fun with it!  

You love a challenge, contest, or competition!  Why not create your own?  Use that boundless energy of yours to develop a competition that appeals to you and your ideal customer, client, or audience.  You get to decide on the topic, the length, and the prizes of your competition.  It sparks engagement with others, energizes you and your base, and it’s fun!

What kind of challenge, contest, or competition could you create?  The sky is the limit!  You’ll want to focus on a topic that interests and excites your people and aligns with your branding or work.  Here are some topics to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Video Challenge
  • Exercise Challenge
  • Online Challenge 
  • Photo Contest
  • Joke Writing Contest
  • Speech Contest
  • Art/Music/Drama Performance Contest
  • Sales Competition
  • Weight-Loss Contest
  • Best Idea for ________ Contest
  • Social Media Contests

You get the idea!  There are a plethora of resources on line to help you develop your own challenges.  

You’ll need to know:

  1. What you plan to get out of it  - Lead generation, visibility? 
  2. The type of Contest.
  3. The Length of Contest.
  4. Your Audience and what they will get out of it.
  5. Your Rules and Stipulations.
  6. The Prizes and Promises.  Spell it all out to drive engagement!
  7. The Platform you’ll use - Facebook or some other Social Media? 
  8. How to pre-view submissions first for appropriateness.

Striver, use your love of competition to spice things up in your life and work!  This is a great way to use your energy to showcase your talents while connecting with others and generating leads!  Game on!

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