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Wednesday, September 26 2018

Technician, you are a master of your craft or trade and adept with systems and structure.  Wrapping a plan around ideas is not just a skillset, it is your gift.  You easily understand how to set up grids for implementing and launching ideas. Your intense focus on achievements makes you the ideal person to take on large projects.  

The art of planning and blueprinting is your primary talent!  You present yourself and your work with precision and deliberation.   A natural problem solver, you are driven by facts and data. Your keen observation of details often compels you to fix even the slightest problems. 

Getting a broader perspective is a logical concept for you to explore.  It is common for you to get lost in the details and miss the bigger picture.  Stepping back, literally and figuratively helps you to reconnect with the outcome.  It allows you to regain a balance between your love for the process and the end-result.  With a more expansive context, you will see where you are sacrificing fun for long work hours.  Use your planning mastery to integrate more joy into your efforts, granting yourself more grace in the area of high expectations.

Technician, you have so much to offer in a fast-paced, data-driven world!  Connect with other Profit Types who do things differently than you.  Share your abundant skills and be willing to move beyond the process into collaboration and growth! 

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