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Wednesday, September 26 2018

Technician, you strive toward goals and can get buried by the building of the processes.  These are the details you love so much!  In your connection with the process, you have a tendency to lack feeling around the outcome.  Your goal-oriented drive can leave you disconnected from feeling that sense of joy in your efforts or accomplishments.  The love of the process, the high expectations and the constant pushing of self, begins to take its toll.  

One of your gifts is to figure things out.  You need to connect to your WHY.  Get very clear on why you do what you do.  This can be your big WHY or Purpose and trickle down into the WHY for each project that you undertake.  

You’ve heard it before:  Start with the end in mind.  This is important for you, Technician, because it goes against your nature.  Even when you begin with the end in mind, you may lose it as you focus on the details…It’s how you’re wired!   

So here is a simple system to help you connect differently with your work.  Here is the 4 S Formula!

  1. Start with the End – Plan your project/program/life from the “Big Picture” view and map out in a visual representation.  Place it where you can see it daily.   
  2. Stay in Alignment with your WHY – Clearly connect your intentions and goals to why you do what you do.  Review them DAILY.
  3. Surround Yourself with Passionate, Feeling People - They will help to remind you not to lose yourself in your process.  Plus, learning to FEEL your way through parts of the process helps you stay connected to your WHY and your ideal customer, client, and audience. 
  4. Schedule Time for Fun – Yes…FUN.  It is too easy for you to get bogged down in the work, putting high expectations and unrealistic expectations on yourself.  Put it on your calendar.  Reframe it as another aspect of the project that has to be done!

Do you see where I’m going with this, Technician?  Yes, I’m asking you to step out of your comfort zone on some of these.  It’s not all about work!   You are meant to enjoy life along the way!  (It’s only logical.)  

Step away from your desk, your writing, or your problem solving and commit to the 4 S Formula.  It will free you from some of the habitual thinking that binds you.  

As a Technician, you love a system…Start this one, today!

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